Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server

According to NCP, the Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server consists of the VPN server, high-availability services and a hardened operating system. With the virtual appliance, it is possible to integrate mobile and stationary employees into a cross-company data network.

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The VPN server is put into operation via a graphical user interface

After completion of the basic configuration, the Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server can be configured via a web browser – soon also via Secure Enterprise Management. Updates of the entire system would be installed at the push of a button. One advantage of the virtual appliance is that any security patches are provided exclusively by NCP, so that the responsible administrator does not need any special knowledge.

NCP’s Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server is specially tailored to the needs of companies, service providers and SaaS providers looking for a virtualized and resource-saving alternative to conventional solutions. The multi-client capability of the VPN server enables the simultaneous use of a VPN gateway by several companies or parts of a group (resource sharing). The NCP VPN clients could be managed by administrators of the connected companies via access management. According to NCP, simple scalability is particularly beneficial for service providers.

With the NCP VPN Path Finder, remote access is also possible behind firewalls, whose settings generally prevent IPsec data connections (e.g. in hotels).

OTP solutions

Additional security features are the support of OTP solutions (One Time Password) and certificates in a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) as well as certificates with elliptic curves. The validity of certificates is checked offline or online against the Certification Authority (CA) each time a connection is established using revocation lists.

The Virtual Secure Enterprise VPN Server, which, according to NCP, can also be used well in industrial 4.0 projects, is licensed on a subscription basis.

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